Jennifer Norcliffe

Jennifer Norcliffe

Investment Manager

Jen will manage your property from start to finish; she’ll know everything there is to know... every small detail with perfect, instant recall.

Because for Jen, Property Management isn’t just a job, it’s a career. She wants her clients to become long-term partners in property. And she’s prepared to work hard to make it happen!

Performing effectively under pressure, learning quickly and staying calm in tricky situations – though she’s quick to diffuse trouble before it takes hold - are all in a day’s work for this adaptable, friendly and compassionate Property Manager.

With her gentle manner, infinite patience and experience across every facet of property management, Jen inspires confidence and trust in even the most inexperienced landlord. If you’re a first time investor, it’s reassuring to know that you’ll have the whole process explained to you; if you’re an old hand, Jen may surprise you yet!

Jen already has a string of awards to her name including Most Properties Leased and Lowest Vacancy Rate, but what continues to drive her is her desire to provide an outstanding service and build relationships that will last.

Above all, Jen is a Property Manager that understands the value of loyalty; the kind that is firm when the moment calls, yet will never turn her back and walk away; the kind that will be there not just today, but for the lifetime of your investment and beyond.

Experience the difference, call Jen today!