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5 coastal-style cues for your home

The coastal home is one of the most coveted types of property in Australia, but not everyone can have a beachside mansion. Still, there are some ways to get the look in your home, even if you don’t have the views.

1. ‘Beachy’ materials and fabrics

The starter fabric to a coastal home is undoubtedly linen.

From curtains to bedding and cushion covers to tablecloths, make anywhere that requires a textile or fabric light and natural. Utilise light-coloured timbers, cane, jute and light-coloured stone throughout furniture and decor. Nothing will amplify your theme quite like a jute rug and rattan chairs, draped with linen fabrics.

2. Indoor/outdoor flow

What does the perfect beach home need? An outdoor entertaining area!

Both of these properties have a wall of glass doors that separate key indoor and outdoor living areas. Big windows and consistent styling help create an indoor/outdoor effect. When closed, the glass eliminates a formal barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world, as you can still see far beyond your four walls. Similarly, when opened, the wall completely ‘disappears’ and combines indoor and outdoor zones. If you don’t live in a home that permits a luxurious outdoor dining setting or an entire wall of glass doors, you can create indoor/outdoor flow by ensuring your indoor and outdoor spaces are similarly styled.

If you have no outdoor area at all, consider how you can maximise light and space in your interior.

Pay close attention to your window furnishings, sticking with the aforementioned materials like timber, linen or other light-coloured fabrics that aren’t too dense.

3. Colours other than blue and white

When thinking of a coastal colour scheme, we instinctively imagine a combination of blue, white and a ‘sand’ or beige tone.

You can also experiment with shades of green, brown and yellow to achieve the look.

4. Subtle decor

They key to successful coastal styling is avoiding literal interpretations of the theme. Sure, you can have the occasional seashell or a piece of nautical paraphernalia, but these should be the ‘seasoning’ and not the staple of your decor. You don’t need direct references to beach life for a coastal look and feel.

Consider subtle ways you can nod to the coast, whether that’s through artworks that align with your colour scheme or add texture to the room, or a few arty coffee table books that complement the look.

Similarly, consider how your plant choices align with your theme. Palms and some succulents are strongly linked with coastal interiors but can become overwhelming if solely used.

5. Rounded edges

Unlike modern or industrial-style homes, coastal styles require curved or soft-edged furniture and decor to amplify the ‘relaxed’ vibe of your home.

See the rounded rattan chairs, round light fittings, curved mirrors, tables and even kitchen counters and appliances.

Not everything has to adhere to this rule, but it’s a good one to keep in mind when making your decor choices.

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