Mike Wignall

Mike Wignall

Sales Partner

Mike also knows that buying or selling a home is not a daily occurrence in your list, some experience the elation just a few times in their lives....he's conscious of your comfort, your stress levels, and is great at reading people which means that you'll always get your chance to talk and feel good about it, preferring to meet face to face in critical negotiations.

Persistence. Bringing deals together. Whether it takes one week or one month, Mike never tires of the chase. The thrill is just as sweet 40 years on. Indeed, variety comes from his individual service -no two scenarios are ever the same -and difficult situations are an adrenaline-inducing challenge.

Negotiation. Riding the waves of the market -conditions are not always favourable, but Mike has a way of educating you through the process, so you'll always feel confident that your trip to shore will be smooth sailing.

The minute you mention client satisfaction, Mike Wignall proudly shares tales of his clients, current and past, achieving great results. Vendors and buyers securing dream homes. He gets such a satisfying buzz from it. Mike's difference is his wealth of knowledge in the western beachside area having grown into, and up with, his family business -living and breathing real estate since 1972 in Glenelg and Holdfast Bay.

So why list with Mike? You'll know with confidence that he strives for the best possible price. Rain or shine, he'll move mountains to make a deal stick. More importantly, he swears by his unrivalled local knowledge.

What's not to like about that?