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Attracting Winter Buyers – the Cosy Effect!

Winter home staging tricks are just as essential as summer and springtime.

By adding the cosy factor, paying attention to details and highlighting seasonal features, you can make your property really stand out. Here are a few winter home staging tricks that will make your open homes pleasant and enjoyable for every buyer.

Start with great Lighting
Since buyers may visit your home in the evening, make sure your home is well lit. Adding lamps, recessed lighting fixtures, and drop lighting can make all the difference in how warm and inviting your house feels. During the day open up all the curtains and drapes throughout your home to maximise Winter’s natural light and don’t be afraid to invest in some additional lighting options for those darker corners.

Cosy Accents
Gorgeous winter decorating pieces add elegance and warmth that can help you sell your home. Consider adding warm, fuzzy textiles like a chunky knitted throw, plush throw cushions or even area rugs to bring in warmth to your interiors. In the bedroom, get an extra thick quilt in place and add one or two additional cushions… there’s nothing better than looking at a super inviting bed to cuddle up in on a cold winters day!

Fireplaces… the golden ticket of winter selling!
Not only does a fireplace instantly become an eye-catching feature for any area, they are simply divine on a cold winter’s day. Whether you have an older fireplace or you decide on installing a new one, investing in a functional fireplace is certainly a worthwhile consideration. We know that buyers love them… and your cold Sales Partner will love them even more.

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