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Buying to Renovate?

Let’s face it, finding the ideal property is far from easy. They never seem to tick all the boxes you need or if they do, they’re outside your price bracket! But if you buy to renovate and follow some simple guidelines, you’ll come out on top every time.

Here are our 8 top tips for planning a successful property renovation…

1)      When searching for a property to renovate look for large spaces or a floorplan with that allows you to remove walls and create the open spaces you need. Working within the structure and existing footprint of the home will help you save in the long term. Also look for homes that draw in lots of natural light and with a North facing backyard as these additions will benefit the overall feel and flow of your property.

2)      Before you buy make a list of the improvements you plan to make and research the estimated costs for these. You don’t need exacts but ball park figures on the higher end will give you some wiggle room while helping you come to a price you are willing to pay for the property. At this point in time it’s also imperative you get a building inspection carried out – it’s often the things you can’t see that will impact you the most.

3)      Set a budget! While everyone includes the big ticket items, it’s often areas such as rubbish removal and tip fees or changing fixtures such as door handles that will be missed. For an older property also ensure you budget for the unexpected. Regardless of how thorough you are, some things you won’t discover until you start, like a patch of bad wiring or plumbing. A budget buffer of 25% will be sure to get you through.

4)      Factor in your furnishings. Often the ‘finishing touch’ of styling your home is a thought left to the end. However if you’re looking to invest in that great new dining setting or lounge suite, count this in your budget from the start. A beautiful home needs a comfy chair or two!

5)      Plan and get to work on the big ticket items first, such as the kitchen, living area and bathrooms. These lifestyle spaces will be used the most so making them not only functional but appealing is a must.

6)      Ask everyone you know to recommend tradespeople; painters, sparkies, plumbers, tilers – referrals are always best! Great trades make all the difference to a superior result.

7)      Don’t underestimate the magic of paint! A fresh coat inside and out can completely transform any home. The golden rule for exteriors is no more than 3 colours and to add a dash of personality, try a pop colour for the door.

8)      Finally, make landscaping part of the plan from the outset. Often the exterior of a home is an after thought but if you start on the garden, once you finish the inside everything will be growing beautifully. Your oasis will be complete.

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