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Christmas Day | Dressing your Table

Setting a gorgeous table that sets the tone for your Festive Celebrations is no easy task, yet it doesn’t have to involve a huge amount of time or effort. Here’s a few simple ideas that will really add sparkle & atmosphere to the day…

Classic Celebrations: With decorations and presents introducing so much colour at Christmas, classic white tableware can be a calming element. Add to this simple backdrop a few chrome or gold decorations and even invest in the latest gold cutlery to complete the look. Simple yet incredibly stylish.


Embrace Nature: On a rustic timber table or a crisp linen cloth, a runner of silver eucalypt leaves dotted with proteas creates a native festive look you will love. Pair this with white crockery for a more formal celebration or rustic earthen wear for a more relaxed celebration.

nature protea landscape.jpg

The Festive Colours: You can never go wrong with Red, Green & White at Christmas. Suspend Red and white decorations above your table to complement a classic candle centerpiece. Look to add a sprig of Holly to your place settings, or even better a small wreath of rosemary as a napkin ring or place setting. Looking for a little more Luxe? Substitute a metallic finish for white.


Winter Woodlands: Perhaps more suited to a White Christmas yet so inviting all the same, a woodland feel ads a European touch to the classic Aussie Christmas. Placemats of Timber rounds, combined with pinecones, needles and candle votives of various sizes will create the perfect atmosphere.


Whatever style you choose, there remains one key element of dressing any table… make sure there’s room for all the mouth watering food! 

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