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Eight home maintenance tasks to complete while housebound

It’s guaranteed that Australians will be spending a lot of time at home right now, so why not make your space look and feel as great as it possibly can?

Here are eight home maintenance and DIY tasks to tackle, now that you finally have the time.

Upgrade your doorknobs 

This is one of those small changes that makes a big impact. With just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, swap out old, boring doorknobs for something prettier. DIY guides online, like this one from Bunnings, show just how easy it is.

Clean your firdge coils

Condenser coils are located on the back of the fridge or across the bottom. When coils are clogged with dust, pet hair and cobwebs, they can’t efficiently release heat, Clean the coils with a coil-cleaning brush and vacuum.

Re-style your shelves 

This may seem like a five-minute job, but giving your shelves a complete style overhaul takes time. Consider a paint job, polish or a rearrange depending on what type of shelves you’re working with. A guide over at Home Beautiful shows three different ways to style.

Check for mice nests

When you’re stuck in the house, where will you go when you spot a mouse? Hidden mice count for a lot of problems in the home. Mice love to set up shop  in enclosed places like engine compartments, window AC units and lawn mowers. If a piece of equipment has been sitting unused for a while, check for mice nests before you start it up. The last thing you want to do is take out your mower and see some furry stowaways.

Hang some art

This doesn’t have to mean high-end art or custom paintings. During a time of high stress, why not frame some family photos, holiday memories or even some artwork of your own? Get creative.

Paint your walls

With a bit of time and effort, this is a very achievable task for home owners. Before you go to paint your wall, make sure you lint-roll your paint roller to enjoy a streak-free application and apply painter’s tape along the edges of the painting area to keep things neat. Next, apply your paint in a V-shaped pattern, using a smaller brush to get into corners. Allow the paint to dry fully before applying a second coat and you’ll have a great-looking paint job before you know it.

Clean your gutters

Just because we are heading into cooler weather, this doesn’t mean you should let your gutters fill up. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage, and are a fire hazard. Be sure to take the right safety measures like a sturdy ladder and a pair of gloves.

Make a key holder

For a fun and practical solution to always losing your keys, try this tutorial available on The Crafted Life. The end result? A colourful key holder.





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