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Get your backyard Winter ready

While our Australian Winters are relatively mild (by global standards), many of us avoid our backyards between June and September. It’s time to change all that…

By investing in a few key elements, you can make your backyard and outdoor entertaining areas comfortable all year round.

Cosy nooks
Small has its advantages in winter: look at your cramped balcony as a cosy hideaway in the making.  Turn your outdoor furniture from Summer to Winter by layering up cushions and throws on the lounge, scatter a few lanterns about and even throw in a sheepskin rug or two. For larger spaces, consider investing in some café style blinds as a great foundation for a Winter space!

Light your fire
Outdoor heating isn’t high on the list of priorities for Australian homes, yet consider how many cafes wouldn’t do without theirs. There are so many options now; fire pits, gas and electric heaters, plus environmentally friendly ethanol heaters that don’t give off any nasty fumes. Outdoor heating may even be considered one of the best investments you can make, especially when it comes to extending your living space all year round.

Flowers all year round
Winter gardens don’t have to be tattered and grey. In fact the majority of our native flora actually flowers during these cooler months when water is more plentiful.  Think Grevilleas, Hakea, Wattle, Tea Trees and Heath.

Comfort food
Outdoor kitchens are a feature often only thought about in summer, but this is doing our backyards a disservice. Roasts on the barbecue or smoked meats accompanied by freshly grown winter vegetables, rosemary and a glass of red… delicious.

By doing just a few of these, you’re sure to have an outdoor space you love this Winter.

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