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Kitchen Design – It’s all about zones

For generations the true ‘Heart of a Home’ has been the kitchen… and while this hasn’t changed, trends, styling and design certainly have!

While classic 2-Pac finishes and Granite benchtops will always be in style, the latest movement in kitchen design will see your renovation on point and appealing for many years to come.

First of all – let’s talk layout.

When it comes to preparing meals, we all know functionality is King! Whether you’re a domestic god or goddess whipping up dinner for the family or the highest regarded Michelin starred Chef, the layout of a kitchen is everything.

The ‘Triangle’ approach to kitchen layouts has always worked brilliantly, but to take it to the next level let’s talk zones.

Preparation, Cooking, Cleaning and Storage: Is everything you need within arm’s reach when you need it? Think cleverly hidden spice drawers by the stove or a slimline pull-out cupboard for oils and sauces; boards, utensils & bowls easily available mid prep and next to the built-in Tablet holder to look up your favourite recipe. It’s all about what works practically to make home cooking even simpler.

When it comes to finishes – it’s time to add some warmth back into this space.

Gloss is out and Matt cabinets are in (helping to disguise those ever-problematic fingerprints that seemingly appear out of nowhere!). White has been replaced by warm grey tones accented with brushed metallic and natural timber elements – think tap wear, handles and kickboards.

Open shelving displaying earthy ceramics will bring a touch of character to any kitchen. This is where that gorgeous natural timber accent can really come into its own, whether floating or with some industrial brackets on show.

When it comes to appliances, go for quality over quantity. While it may be great to have an in-built coffee machine, what’s more important is a brilliant oven & stove top! So, cut down on the excess to concentrate on the essentials.

Most importantly, when it comes to renovating any area of your home, make it work for your lifestyle… it will be the best investment you’ve ever made. 

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