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5 golden rules to avoid renovation hiccups

Renovation hiccups happen all the time. There’s not many renovations that didn’t have at least one little diversion on its way to completion. The key to success is being prepared.  When it comes to renovating, there are a myriad of cruel and creative things that can derail your project (and your sanity). The trick is

Search Mortgages – Finance Update

Fixed Rates Fixed rates are incredibly low at the moment and with Australian borrowers expecting the low interest rates to bottom out, there could be a move to consider fixed rates. The share of borrowers choosing a fixed-rate product remains high at 29.2%.  With 1-4 year fixed rates all being below 2% pa, that percentage

Must-haves for any bathroom renovation

Deciding on the Layout The biggest piece of advice is don’t be afraid to consult those around you. Often your tradesman, builder or friends will have ideas you may not have even considered. When renovating an existing bathroom, the layout is particularly important as you may be governed by the pre-existing plumbing, apartment block red

Corelogic Home Value Report – November

Australia’s housing market continued along a recovery trend through November. CoreLogic’s national index recorded a second consecutive monthly rise in November, with dwelling values up 0.8% over the month. The new recovery trend follows a 2.1% drop in Australian home values between April and September. According to CoreLogic’s Head of Research, Tim Lawless, if the current

5 tips to cool your home in summer

During stifling summers, it can often feel like you’re fighting a losing battle trying to keep your house cool. And with a summer of restricted travel opportunities fast approaching, now might be the time to up your cooling game. Installing an air conditioner can be an expensive decision, so it’s important to understand how you

CoreLogic Home Value Report

Following five months of consistent declines in residential property values, CoreLogic’s national home value index moved back into positive month-on-month growth through October, posting a 0.4% rise.  The lift in home values was broad based, with every capital city apart from Melbourne posting a rise in values over the month. Index results as at October 31,

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