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Selling tips. Decluttering can make all the difference when selling a home, showing potential buyers space and allowing them to focus on the property, rather than the person.

Follow these selling tips to help give your home the edge: 

  • Keep your home as light as possible. Light is one of the most important factors when people are considering a new home. If your rooms don’t need those old curtains or broken blinds, take them down and put up an inexpensive set of sheer curtains. Where natural light is scarce, use space and light colours to capture as much light as you can. Don’t forget to clean your windows!
  • Detailed Cleaning. A house detailer can make your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry shine. They know all the tricks of the trade and it’s a worthwhile investment if your home is in need of a spring clean.
  • Right furniture in the right place. Make sure you have the right furniture in the right room. A bed in the study, a couch squished into a bedroom or a chest of drawers in the laundry all implies there’s limited space in the house. Place your excess furniture in storage while you market your house for sale to show buyers there’s plenty of room for their furniture.
  • Maximise your cupboard space. If you don’t need all those winter coats, old suits or ski gear in your cupboard, pack them away and let the cupboards air. Potential purchasers will not notice you have moved these items and a sense of space is on everyone’s wish list when purchasing.
  • Update your décor. Remember to keep the décor in your home non-personal. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in the house, and it can be tricky to use your imagination when your family photos are staring back at them! Pack away personal items, and consider updating soft furnishings, lamps and artwork with on-trend items – they need not be expensive.
  • Gardens and outdoor areas. Add some potted colour, hose down paths (using a high pressure hose), clean the exterior of your home and rake or blow fallen leaves. Garden lights for night inspections add mood and highlight areas otherwise not noticed – solar lights are a great option, inexpensive and easy to install.

Self storage is the ideal solution for keeping possessions safe while marketing a property for sale.

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