Elliott Thompson

Content Creator
About Elliott

The half Australian, half African American photographer & filmmaker started his creative journey in Chicago, IL, USA. After spending three months exploring the USA with a camera in hand photographing the streets of Chicago, its architecture, and its people – He fell in love with real estate, capturing emotions & the whole creative process. The first month after retuning back to Australia, he jumped headfirst into wedding & real estate photography. Photographing and filming luxury real estate in Melbourne and Adelaide then quickly moving into the wedding scene. After shooting a handful of charity events for the Childhood Cancer Association he made a few connections with the Adelaide Football Club, and soon found himself taking on yet another creative outlet with the Adelaide Crows & photographing the players and their families off the field.

Elliott now has 7 years behind the camera and is constantly making his content bigger and better than the last piece of content he produces. He plans on making Harcourts Packham not only have the best real estate content in South Australia, but the world.

Outside of professional work – he spends his weekends exploring SA, collaborating creatively with hotels & resorts, or simply embracing his inner child and playing video games.

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