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Style Trends | What’s in for 2018

You’ve heard all about millennial pink and you’re 100 per cent across Scandi-cool, but what’s next for the world of interiors? Whether you’re looking to renovate in 2018 or just wanting to invest in new cushions, read over the below before you hit the Boxing Day sales…

Copper has been hugely popular for more than five years, but it has reached its peak. Brass is now the metallic of the moment and in 2018 expect to see a return to favour of silver and chrome.

As our lives become more hectic and reliant on technology, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life will be reflected in the design and style of our homes. Organic materials and traditional handcrafts will continue to gain momentum. A new type of earthen luxury that focuses on a sense of wellbeing will start to influence every element of the home from our choices in building materials to décor and homewares.

In a striking shift away from the blonde woods and Scandinavian style of recent years, earthy tones and dark woods are set to make a comeback. Think Rosewood, Walnut, the tonal marbling effects of Mango Wood along with charring techniques that result in a wonderful blackened surface effect.

Luxe Velvet furnishings are here to stay and set to be joined with Suede like fabrics. Such classic finishes that add incredible warmth and ambience to any space. When it comes to shades, Millennial Pink will be reduced to soft furnishings and highlights, making way for tones of sienna, tan and terracotta through to stronger rust and russet. Bold accent colours of black forest, emerald green and watermelon red are also set to be on trend. When it comes to furniture, curved elements are in from plush sofas to stylish coffee tables.

The likely homeware of the year for 2018? Drinks carts have been creeping into living spaces for a couple of years now, but in 2018 they’ll make a strong showing, used as cocktail accessories and to display interesting décor.

We can’t wait to see what else is in store for homes in 2018.

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